Chapter 1: LOST IN THE Jungle With KITTYBIKER

Welcome to the second SEASON of PROJECTING DREAMS, in this chapter we share ROUTE with KITTYBIKER (Margarita) where she accompanied us to enter the jungle of Los Tuxtlas in Veracruz.

Chapter 2: We Find A ABANDONED Town

In this chapter unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Kitty and we went down to the Southeast Mexican to continue looking for communities, and curiously we found an abandoned Ranch where some peculiar people live.

Chapter 3: "Driving Over Mangroves"

n this chapter we enter a slightly different route since it is in the middle of a gigantic MANGLAR in CAMPECHE, in order to reach a unique community in ISLA ARENA!

Chapter 4: "No brake pads and we spent the night in a prison"

In this CHAPTER we have to fix the brake pads, thanks to social networks we could contact Brandon who took us to a town where there is a person who can fix our problem and leave Isla Arena where we had spent the night in a JAIL in the Police station.

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